Why Can Commercial Arbitration Websites Do More Harm Than Good?

Every player knows Websites like Casinomeister, ThePogg and Askgamblers. These websites (with the exception of Askgamblers) used to be pillars of fairness. If we go back a few years and look at the casino industry, we will see that it was a bit dubious, to say the least.

Late payments, fraud, and other not so nice situations were common practice. The Casinomeister website appeared in this period and started advising good casinos, solving players’ problems, etc. but soon these websites were filled with abusive people. Before we continue, let’s look at the most likely situations to happen to an ordinary player. If a casino is late in making payments, the player loses his money and leaves a negative review. Other players often don’t make complaints because they simply don’t care.

Let’s assume that a player uses, for example, the Askgamblers website. He will probably lose his money, leave negative reviews and close his casino account. What will Askgamblers do in turn? They exclude this review because they have a bad review system. They do the same with player complaints and do nothing against the casinos because they are their main source of income.

We were talking about abusive gamblers. What do they do? They find the loopholes in the Casinos’ system so that their actions are in full compliance with the Casinos’ rules and make complaints using the above mentioned websites. I am not exaggerating when I say that about 90% of all complaints are made by abusers. Most ordinary players, unfortunately, don’t even bother to read the rules, let alone read the complaints.

What about the point of view of casino owners? We have had a few conversations with casino owners and managers, and they are all ready to confirm our opinion that most gambling arbitrage websites, including Casinomeister, ThePogg and Askgamblers, do not bring in regular players, but a lot of abusers.

It turns out that these Websites don’t help the players but help the people who take advantage of the flaws in the system! After all, these Websites also receive good compensation from the casino owners by selling positions in their Tops.

And what to do, you ask? Let’s try to give you an answer – use only fair Casino Websites that don’t have a complaint system that rejects your complaint.

Let’s leave niceties aside and get to the point. When choosing a casino, you should follow 2 crucial criteria.

1. Things that can be easily sorted: software, withdrawal processing time, customer support, licenses, design and usability.

2. Reliable reviews.

There is no other way. You can’t rank a casino by the number of complaints the way Askgamblers does. What they are really interested in is getting more money from new casinos and offering them in return, unfortunately, abusive players who do not bring any value to the business.

As mentioned before, we have to analyze two very important criteria. The first one is reflected in the ranking of the Casinos; the second one is just a general impression of a Casino. The perfect format for reviews and opinions is a forum where Casino representatives are present.

Any player should have the opportunity to leave his or her rating without having to explain the reason for it even if it is low. Of course many players will leave negative ratings when losing money, but of course they have every right to do so.

In addition to this, the website should have a fair blacklist. If a casino ignores a complaint from a player who has won a large sum and has not yet received his or her prize, this is a reason to blacklist the site instantly.

Let’s get back to the topic of the article. For example, Askgamblers, promotes Casino Cruise, a fraudulent Website that cheated a player out of over $100,000 and they didn’t even respond to his complaint. Obviously, this casino has not been removed from Askgamblers website and Askgamblers continues to make money on their partnership with it.

We have deep respect for the Casinomeister and ThePogg websites, but unfortunately they too have become a den of abusers and not a place where normal players can leave their opinions.

It is time to use fair websites made by players for players. For example, many well-known streamers have their own website like aboutslots.com or casinogrounds.com.

Use fair websites for your opinions and communications, not commercial ones that are only interested in getting money at any cost.

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