Top 10 Tricks That Casinos Use to Keep Players (3)

5. Money in your pocket.

Slot machines often feature incredible combinations: for example, a player only needs one more Star to win a Jackpot, but this Star never appears… When playing Black Jack, people have the feeling that they are always on the verge of a stroke of luck; this makes them think that they might win, but the house edge drains all their money bit by bit until their pockets are empty. Every game, whether a Table Game or a Slot Machine, pays out small sums in the short term.

Other games give people a false sense of ‘control’ over these, such as Craps or Keno. A player controls the outcome of the game by throwing dice or picking winning numbers. This is another trick that makes them think they control the game and thus stay in the casino longer.

Overall, players over-increase the odds. It is called the ‘Cash in the Pocket’ principle and when players think they are on the verge of a big win, this factor generates huge revenues for the casinos and makes them profitable. When a player gets a taste of luck, he will surely come back to try again.


4. Freebies.

Free services and special discounts are another source of wealth for Casinos. Usually, players get free meals at the casino restaurant, tickets to concerts, special tickets to raffles on their next visit to the casino, etc. Even if a player loses, he has the feeling that he has received something in return. All of this increases the probability of winning a customer “back”. Casinos take full advantage of players who play with small amounts of money, but quite often.


3. Alcohol.



The alcohol offer is the most effective trick of all Casinos. Free drinks work on several levels at once. First of all, they are FREE. Who doesn’t want a free drink? The waitresses are always available and happy to bring you more if you want it. It’s no secret, Casinos are happy with the revenue and satisfied customers this way.

Alcohol makes even intelligent gamblers play randomly, not to mention problematic people. Drinking slows down reasoning and a player loses his ability to make correct decisions. Besides this, drunk players are less concerned about losing: they throw their chips on the tables as if they cost nothing. Many players stay in casinos to enjoy free drinks and say that this is the best way to pass the time.


2. The Winners’ Honor.

Even if Casinos are interested in “lesser” players, they do their best to retain the high-level players. One who wins big is usually treated like a king. Such players receive offers that are hard to resist: free premium suits, various extravagant services, etc. The longer the player stays at the casino/hotel, the more money he inevitably loses. Granted, the casino has to spend money on these offers, but it makes the player stay at its facilities and, taking all these tricks into account, eventually recoups the investment back.

Besides, it’s a great marketing strategy: players know how they will be treated if they are lucky enough to win. Pampering players is so important that different VIP services, from concierge to limousines, are a must for any reputable casino.


1. Maze.

Actually, a casino is a huge maze where a person can easily get lost. Multiple slot machines and game tables create obstacles in the player’s way, so it is difficult to leave the casino. There is no logic inside: there can be a set of Slots in one place and another set the same 2 steps away. As a result it is very easy to get disoriented. Also, modern casinos have low ceilings, so it is difficult to find any signs on the walls and if you drink a lot, finding your way out can become a real challenge.

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