Top 10 Tricks That Casinos Use to Keep Players (2)

Let’s look at some of these tricks in detail.

10. Absence of clocks.



Time flies when you’re busy doing something you love. Whether it’s a slot machine, table game or roulette, most players hover in the clouds when they play. When there are no clocks on the walls, it’s easy to forget everything and become absorbed in the game. Day becomes night, night becomes day, and all plans are forgotten. Some countries, such as the UK, have passed a law that players should always be aware of the time they spend playing, and casinos should encourage them to take breaks while they play.


9. No Windows.



This trick is similar to the previous one. If a player sees that it is getting dark, he might get the feeling that this is the right time to leave the place to do something else or else go to bed. This is why Casinos don’t have much interest in letting players know what is happening outside the place. For example, there are many other things on the streets of Las Vegas that can easily divert people’s attention.


8. Lighting, Sounds, Activity.



Let’s take a look at the non-verbal tricks. How do these work in a casino? It’s a fantastic and enchanting cacophony that really stimulates people: tinkling bells, flashing lights, roaring slot machines, and the melodies of the games that are so exciting. All these effects make you feel as if everyone is winning. Even when someone loses, the slot machines keep flashing and playing happy tunes. This makes all players feel included in the wins. All people without exception are attracted to the display of wealth and prosperity.


7. Atmosphere.



Lighting in a casino is always soft and dim. Such lighting creates an atmosphere of comfort, makes the player relax, lean back, feel safe and enjoy the game.
Carpets are also chosen for a reason and many say that such carpets, with bright lines and spots, are gaudy, but nevertheless, these mesmerize a person’s mind and such colors are pleasant to look at. Most often, the walls are red; this makes people feel safe and creates a sense of comfort.

Another thing to mention here is cleanliness. Any reputable casino maintains impeccable cleanliness: the staff constantly cleans the rooms and serves the customers so that they feel courted and pampered.


6. Location of Extra Services.

Often, all casino services are located in the farthest part of the room. This is yet another tactic to retain the player by making them have to go through all the slot machines and gaming tables. Even if the player has to make withdrawals, he may want to try his luck one more time before leaving. Many stores use the same pattern to make their customers go through all the aisles again before they finally get to the cashier to pay.

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