The 5 Addictive Features of Online Games (4)

Continue to click… forever!



It is worth mentioning that the main difference between a mouse and a man is that the latter can feed anywhere. If this kind of game had had nothing but infinite chests we would have already traded it for another. People need lasting goals and the gaming world is ready to offer them. Below are some examples of what the gaming world can offer you:

– Games offer a sense of relief

Prizes are obtained faster at the beginning but offered more and more slowly towards the end. This is why it is much easier to get levels and achievements at the beginning of an MMO game, but as you progress, you need to make more and more effort to get the prizes. If a player feels excited about passing levels at the beginning of a game, this excitement will increase with the increased requirements to access the higher levels. The more levels a player passes, the greater their desire to play will be.

– Eliminating Return Points

The easiest way to eliminate return points is to push back the points from which you can save the game and make quests longer (such as, for example, Raids in the WoW game). Once you start a quest you cannot quit it without the loss of the progress you have already gained.

Some people may be disappointed by this and so another approach is used, such as in New Super Mario Bros for the Wii console, where it is very easy to complete levels and the game experience itself resembles eating French fries. They are small and a player can eat one after another until they finish the packet.



You will find a princess and an evil dragon in this package!

By the way, for the same reason that a person who hates to read long articles will gladly do so when they are divided into several parts.

– Paying and losing

Here is a slightly more interesting question. Why would you give the mouse prizes for pressing a button? We can use another strategy. Let’s punish him whenever he doesn’t.

Animal behavior scholars call this “avoidance.” They change the construction of the cage so that the mouse gets an electric shock if, for 30 seconds, it doesn’t press the button. The rat learns very quickly to stay permanently by the button, forever.



Let’s get back to strong emotions!

Why is your mother watering her flowers so much in Farmville? Simply because they will wither and die if she doesn’t. Your house or castle will collapse in the game Ultima Online if you don’t visit it regularly. This is the game developers’ greatest invention to make a player click endlessly just to not lose what he has already won.

– Temporary discoveries

All these methods have their disadvantages and this is why, in order to achieve maximum attraction force, they are all combined as much as possible, including in Slot Machines. Try to count how many of these methods are used in World of Warcraft…

So what is the problem?

We have already asked behind whether accumulating objects, also known as the endless click, can be called gambling.

Now another question: what can be called a game?

People play games to satisfy the subconscious demand to improve their skills, even if they consciously realize that it is totally useless. Games help us to stimulate and improve our brains (especially in children) and to test ourselves without being afraid of the consequences. This is why our brain rewards us with feelings of happiness when we play and manage to overcome the difficulties imposed by them.

The game Guitar Hero is worth mentioning in this article. It is also addictive, but it is easy to see why you get hooked on this one. It is natural to enjoy something where you can improve yourself. The same goes for the game Modern Warfare 2 – it’s just a sport for those who can’t win at real-life sports. It’s no secret: everyone likes to win.

This is why some writers criticized Blizzard when it introduced the achievement system in the past. There are achievements that force you to complete useless missions over and over again (for example, catch 1000 fish). No new items, no development or exploration tools were introduced, just routine and nothing else…



…or a hamster wheel!

Obviously, the developers (and analysts…) will say that no one forces players to obtain these achievements. Why would people voluntarily change their living habits like our hamster? This is the question…



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