Security Tips to Surf the Internet

We would like to share with you our opinion about Internet security.

We could start by saying that nowadays antiviruses are more interested in business than in the actual protection of your data.

Intruders can gain access to your computer with the help of special software known as a Trojan. This can happen while you are surfing the Web. The malicious program installs itself on your computer through security holes in vulnerable software on virus-infected websites.

The intruders can gain access to your e-mail by deciphering your password, which is usually not very strong, through manipulations using your secret question, or even by disclosing these by accident.

If, for example, you have the same passwords for different websites and one of these is hacked, your password is exposed and is of course used to initially check your e-mail account. After this, it becomes clear to the intruders which way to go next, since email accounts are often linked to other websites and services on the web.

In fact, many other serious situations can occur. We are here to advise you on what to do to minimize these risks. The solutions offered are not the only way to protect yourself, and you can find good alternatives with a better set of other features.

Computer security:

Never use the Administrator profile on your computer but only a user profile with limited access. MacOS is known to be a highly secure operating system. This is due to the fact that the user profile is set by default in MacOS, while Windows is quite different. You can create a user profile easily on your computer.

Many people believe that this advice is debatable, but uninstall your commercial antivirus. In fact, it does not help, drains system resources and gives a false sense of security. It can also be a problem if your computer is not very modern. The people who develop viruses want them to work correctly, so they test them on the most up-to-date antivirus databases. Antivirus databases are updated on average every 2 weeks which gives hackers plenty of time to develop new variants of a virus. Windows Defender, which is pre-installed on most computers, is more than enough for the average user. And of course you should install all Windows security updates regularly, otherwise there is no point in protecting a computer whose operating system is vulnerable.

Uninstall unnecessary software. Many attacks are conducted through Adobe Acrobat Reader. Uninstall it and use another less popular alternative for opening PDF files. Regarding Java, many users do not need this program on their computers, but if you really need it, enable automatic updates as this is vitally important.

Last but not least, you need a modern and regularly updated browser to surf the Internet. There are 2 main search engines at the moment: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. We suggest Chrome, if you use Google’s services, or else Firefox, if you are more technically savvy.

Security with passwords:

Use a program to manage your passwords! For example, Password Manager is a special software to store and, more importantly, create your passwords on the websites you use. You can also use another very secure option, LastPass. In these programs you can even buy an extended version to synchronize all your devices. You can choose any other similar software, but the most important fact is that you need to save and create the passwords securely. You should set a complex password for this one and generate separate unique passwords for each Website with the password manager. This is much more secure than just having simple passwords for the different websites, or even worse, writing them down on a piece of paper. Besides this, it is always good to have additional protection against Key Loggers or Trojans that might appear on your computer out of nowhere.

Use unique email addresses. Register your own domain, such as, to use separate email addresses for each service. The idea is to have, for example, for your Facebook account, for your Skrill account, for personal correspondence, and for business correspondence. All these email accounts are virtual and so it is impossible to decipher them. These do not exist, and if they do not exist, no one can decode them. All emails will be redirected to the domain administration, i.e. to you. As a result, you can use any email address you want, and if you need to reply to a message using that same address, you can create it at any time.

Check for suspicious files. If you receive any messages with files and you are not absolutely confident whether it is safe or not, check them with VirusTotal. This service will scan your files with various antivirus and make a report of how suspicious the files are. If you download any Crack or Self-Extracting type files, check them. If 2 or 3 antiviruses detect a possible Trojan program avoid running it. If the file passes the scan, it is certainly not a virus, as it is very difficult to fool many antiviruses at once.

Email account security (how to set up your personal email domain):

Create a personal domain at any domain registration provider. For example we have the Website but you can choose any other as there are many options on the Internet. A domain costs on average between 10-20 Euros/Dollars per year but you can find cheaper or more expensive offers.

Connect any popular email service to your domain. Follow the instructions of the service; if you think you can’t do this, you can hire a freelance system administrator to do it for you but don’t forget to change the passwords when the job is done.

Now you can create your primary email address. Do not disclose this address to anyone. You will receive all e-mails from your other addresses at this main one. You can also use filters, for example to send spam with the address You can also create email addresses for your relatives and family members in the same way. You will actually have a single email account with Google or any other service you like, but you can create, delete or edit an unlimited number of linked email accounts.

If you follow the steps mentioned above, you will make it much more difficult for intruders to break into your email accounts and payment systems. Unfortunately these will try to hack someone else rather than spend time on your password manager or other protection programs. One more thing, that few people know, uBlock is an excellent extension for blocking ads and spam.

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