Gambling to Live – Is it Possible to Make Money Playing at Online Casinos? (2)


All of you who have ever wondered about betting strategies must have heard of Martingale. In fact, this is the most popular betting strategy that unfortunately, like other strategies, does not work.

This strategy can be applied to any casino cash game, such as Roulette and some others. The idea is that each time you lose, you double your bet so that once you win, you cover the value of all your past losses and win an initial bet as an add-on. For example, you start with a bet of $1 and lose 4 times in a row, and each time you play you double your bet. So you lose: $1 + $2 + $4 + $8 = $15, and win $16 on your fifth try. It looks good on paper but at the same time results in terrible losses in practice, since losing is more certain than it seems.

All online casinos have betting limits for their table games. They use them to protect themselves from such betting strategies. Let’s consider an example of a $1,000 table limit. You start with a bet of $5. You need to lose only 8 bets in a row to reach the table limit. Any Roulette player knows how easy it can be to lose 8 or more bets in a row. And don’t forget, in this case you’ll lose your $640 to win $5. This is what we meant by the phrase ‘you can win a little by risking a lot’. If you are interested, you can find mathematical proof and videos showing how easy it can be to lose a fixed amount with the Martingale strategy.

In some of the best physical casinos in the world they have no betting limits on the tables. The Martingale strategy could work here, but experience has shown that the biggest gambling losses occurred when people were playing with the Martingale strategy. We mentioned the famous case of Frank Saracakis, a Greek millionaire who used to “double his money”, who after a failed bet lost 8 million in a session at Crockfords, London.

Martingale is one of the most famous, yet simple, betting strategies you can find on the net. You will find a number of improved Martingale’s, Kelly’s and many other “mathematically proven” strategies promising easy money. Whatever they tell you, don’t forget that you can’t beat the odds.

We do share some betting strategies with our visitors from time to time. However, we always warn you that these are designed to enhance your gambling experience, not to beat the Casinos.

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