Gambling to Live – Is it Possible to Make Money Playing at Online Casinos? (1)

The dream of thousands of gamblers, key to the enrichment of hundreds of evil-doers. Every online casino player has dreamed of how good it would be to win money from gambling. Is this even possible?

Are there professional casino players who make their living sitting at home, spinning reels at the slot machines or playing table games? Let’s take a look at this!

In preparing this article, we checked what other gambling review websites say about it. To our great surprise, all the top Google search results know how to make easy money with Online Casinos.

Here’s what they say:

“Be a smarter gambler and learn how to make money when you play at an Online Casino.”
“Advantage gambling methods are tested and trusted practices used by professional gamblers to gamble profitably in the long run. The effectiveness of these methods is proven by the simple existence of professional gambling as a means of making a living.”

We invite you to take a closer look at these ‘methods of gambling advantage’ and figure out if they are really as good as the people who wrote them say they are.

Betting Strategies.



Betting strategies are exactly what they try to sell you when they talk about “methods of gambling advantage”. All these “mathematically proven strategies” are simply fantastic, except for one thing – they don’t work. “Profitable long-term bets” may be too long to be profitable.

It doesn’t take a mathematician to understand what the house edge is. To put it simply, the house edge is that long term advantage a casino has over the player. This advantage may vary from game to game, depending also on the style of the player if we are talking about skill games, but one truth remains intact – it is impossible to eliminate it completely. Just think of it this way, if it were possible, all casinos would go bankrupt.

The number of betting strategies you can find on the different websites that are “always willing to help a player” is huge. Some of these are really simple, such as ‘wait for 3 reds in a row on the roulette wheel and then bet on black’; only a person who doesn’t think much would believe that this could work, but, to the joy of Casino operators, there are many players who keep waiting for ‘3 reds in a row’; other strategies are more complex: they will present you with long mathematical calculations, proofs, videos, whatever, but they won’t tell you one thing: you can try to cheat in the short term, you can win a little by risking a lot, but in the long term you will inevitably lose.

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