3 Strategies to Play Roulette (4)


The Paroli betting system is another one that many novice casino players eventually discover.

It is a positive betting system, trying to win money on a game where the player has been winning on previous plays. In the Paroli system players assume that winning bets will be followed by wins. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don’t.

The Paroli system is merely the parley system that many players use; that is, they increase their bet after a win and continue to increase as the wins accumulate.

Generally, a player in this system makes three decisions before decreasing the value of his bet to the original amount. Thus, his bet would be 10, after a win and bet 20 and after another win he would bet 40. After this the winning bets are kept and the original 10 is bet to start a new series.

Note: There are, unfortunately, players using the Paroli system who wish to go long winning distances by continuing to double their previous wins. The excellent movie, The Gambler, shows quai the results for a player who does this.

Our opinion on the Paroli system is that you can use the three-win method, but you should start using it only after your account balance has gone up. Therefore, the first bet, if it wins, does not imply an increase in the value for the second bet. Instead, the second bet will be the same as the first, 10. If that bet is a winner then the player’s balance, 500, will be above the minimum. Now with that second win, the third bet implies that the player will be able to take full advantage of the Paroli system. On any loss, the player returns to the original bet of 10.

Here is the sequence:

– 1st Bet 10 (win)
– 2nd bet 10 (win)
– 3rd bet 20 (win)
– 4th bet 40 (win)
– Total Win 80

The pattern here is interesting. The first two wins bring your balance to 520. Now the third bet of 20 may be lost, but the player is still balanced on his balance, 500, as he goes back to his original bet of 10 and tries to win again.

A loss of 40 would mean that the player would also return to his original bet of 10. This is a relatively safe system, and as long as the player doesn’t try to magically perform a very long sequence, he may find this an enjoyable method of play.

Again, the Paroli system in Roulette should be done on even money bets.

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